Survivors Empowering and Educating Services

We are Seeds Wales – Survivors Empowering and Educating Services –  a social enterprise set up by survivors of Domestic Abuse, for survivors of Domestic Abuse.

As a survivor-led organisation, we complement and enhance the work undertaken by service providers and policy-makers to tackle Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (VAWDASV).  We offer a variety of professional services from training to speaking out, from accompanying victims to advising and signposting, and because our knowledge and skills are gained through experience, we act on a system of knowing what each one of us would have wished for, when we needed help. Find out more about us and how we work here.

We seek to find solutions to offer our services during the coronavirus crisis to support providers urgently responding to the additional set of challenges that this situation creates.

If you or anyone is in immediate danger please dial 999

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